The Strait Area Community Response to Sexual Violence

How Can I Help? Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence in Your Community

How Can I Help? Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence is a two-hour presentation to provide community members with basic information on how to help in the event someone discloses to them or asks for support. If you are someone who cares and is willing to learn about the services and supports available in your community, we encourage you to attend.

Is this for me? We know that victims/survivors often disclose first to people in their lives rather than the police or service providers. If you are a volunteer youth leader, sports coach, clergy, teacher, front-line administrative staff in a school or hospital, nurse, bus driver, parent, friend, roommate, family member or recreation leader, you could someday be in the position to help a victim or survivor cope with the impact of sexual violence.


Community Date Time Location Contact Person for Registration
Guysborough Thursday, February 15th – new date 7:00 pm Chedabcuto Place/Guysborough Academy
Antigonish Thursday, March 1st


7:00 pm John Hugh Gillis Regional High School
Sherbrooke Wednesday, March 7nd 7:00 pm St Mary’s Education Centre
Canso Thursday, Feb 22nd 7:00 pm Fanning Education Centre/Canso Academy
Louisdale Wednesday, February 21st 7:00 pm Richmond Academy
St. Peter’s Tuesday, February 20th 7:00 pm East Richmond Education Centre
Inverness Monday, March 19th 7:00 pm Inverness Education Centre/Academy
Cheticamp Wednesday, March 7th 7:00 pm Ecole NDA


To register: email

For further information about this project, contact

Nancy O’Regan, Project Manager, Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia. or call 902-870-1320.



Learn more about supporting survivors of sexual violence by taking a FREE online course provided by the Nova Scotia Sexual Violence Strategy.

See below for background on the course and a Letter of Commitment for your business or organization to sign to join the campaign to make “Every Door the Right Door” for survivors of sexual violence in your community.

To begin the Training – Click Here:

Supporting Survivors Training Flyer

Letter of Committment

Supporting Survivors Training Press Release

Every Door is the Right Door Campaign

 Disclosing sexual violence is nothing short of an act of courage.  Whether the incident took place yesterday or 25 years ago, the process of seeking help, support and for those who chose – justice – can be confusing and frightening and can further traumatize victims and survivors.

Every Door is the Right Door refers to the Network’s vision for the Strait Area communities where all victims of sexual violence  – women, men, youth, indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, seniors and members of the LGBTQ community – are offered a variety of service options that are safe, non-judgmental, accessible and appropriate.

The Network hopes businesses and organizations will sign a Letter of Commitment indicating the percentage of their staff, employees or volunteers who will take the free online course offered by the NS Sexual Violence Strategy ( The Sexual Violence Strategy will issue a certificate to individuals who complete the course. We will celebrate participants at our closing conference in March and by publishing their names in local media and online so that citizens know who has made this commitment to increase their support for victims and survivors in their communities.

The Strait Area Community Response to Sexual Violence


Community Support Network Activities

Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia has been successful in acquiring funding for second year under the Nova Scotia Sexual Violence Strategy to build Community Support Networks.

The project runs from April 2017 until March 2018. Below are some of the project outcomes

  • The Project will also provide ACCESS funds to partnering organizations to make services more readily accessible (ie. for travel to appointments, child care etc.).
  • The Project Team will coordinate Strait Area Sexual Violence Network meetings (3-4).


Project Manager:

Nancy O’Regan

Service Navigators:       

Emma Chisholm               Guysborough/Antigonish

Sandra Delorey                 Richmond County

Taryn MacDonald             Inverness County

To reach a member of the Project Team, use our Contact Us form and let us know who you would like to connect with.



Every Door is the Right Door is a concept used to describe our goal for service delivery to victims and survivors of sexual violence throughout the region. No matter where a person lives in the region, they have a right to service that is non-judgmental, appropriate, safe and accessible. One of the outcomes of the 2017-18 project work for the Strait Area Sexual Violence Network is to:  Create a Service Navigation Pathway to improve service outcomes for victims and survivors of sexual violence in the Strait Area.

Approach: In partnership with staff from the Antigonish Women’s Resource Centre and Sexual Assault Services Association, our team of Service Navigators held a ½ workshop in June to design a process to engage local service providers in building local Service Navigation Pathways. Our plan is to coordinate and deliver community workshops for service providers in rural communities in Guysborough, Inverness, Antigonish and Richmond Counties this fall.

As a result of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate group agreements for working together.
  • Categorize and describe the services offered to sexual violence survivors in their county using the Survivor Support Model
  • Describe how systems and organizations connect and work together.
  • Identify the gaps in services in their county and the barriers to using them.
  • Identify service delivery options for special populations (i.e. persons with disability, LBGTQ, First Nations, African Nova Scotians, Seniors).
  • Prioritize the professional development training needs for the county.

Project staff will be available to facilitate follow-up meetings where needed to develop or amend any protocols or agreements that would improve service delivery.

The dates for Navigation Workshops can be found on our calendar.

If you have any questions Contact Us to connect with one of the Project Team Members.