Coping With Feelings

Everyone experiences all kinds of feelings every day. Most of the time we can handle these but sometimes they become too much for us. These are some tips for coping with different feelings. If you think you need more help, contact our office.

General tips for coping with feelings

  1. Figure out what you are feeling. Try to find the right feeling word to describe what you are feeling (anger, frustration, sad, scared, worried, anxious, etc).
  2.  Figure out where your feeling is coming from. If you know where the feeling is coming from, it is easier to manage. Think about:
    • When did the feeling start?
    • What had just happened when the feeling started?
    • Did someone say something that started the feeling?
    • What else was happening when the feeling started?
  3. Find a way to safely express your feelings
    • Talk to someone
    • Write it down
    • Express your feeling creatively (draw, music)
  4. Is there a solution for the problem? If you can identify where your feeling is coming from is there anything you can do about the situation? If your feelings were hurt can you tell the people involved or do you need to avoid the situation?
  5. Try walking or exercising as a way to cope with your feelings.
  6. Do something to burn the feeling out (run, dance, chop wood)
  7. Do something to soothe the feeling (deep breathing, take a bath, listen to soft music, pat a dog).

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