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Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia Programs for Kids and Youth

Youth Outreach Program

Are you between 16-19 years old and living in Cape Breton? Need support in meeting your goals? Wondering what to do next or how to get where you want to go? Youth Outreach is for you.

Youth Outreach offers a worker:

  • who will work with you using your creativity and energy
  • who will involve you in decisions about your life
  • who respects and values who you are
  • who won’t judge you
  • to help you make plans for housing, food, clothing or transportation
  • who can support you and your family
  • to link you to other services, programs or workshops
  • to help you plan next steps in your life (education, job)
  • to help you learn new skills

If you want to talk to one of our Youth Outreach Workers, Contact Us, give us your number and let us know if you would like us to text or call you OR visit our Youth Outreach Facebook page

Schools Plus Program

Schools Plus works with:

  • Students in every grade in many schools in Nova Scotia
  • Families
  • Teachers and Administration
  • Other Service providers

…to make your school experience the best it can be.

Schools Plus workers will help you find the services that you need (mental health, addictions, guidance, Department of Community Services) and act as case managers to support you and your family while you work with these services.

To find out if Schools Plus is available in your school or what services you can access, Contact Us

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