Employee Assistance

Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia will work with Employers to develop a program of Counselling and Health and Wellness services to help your organization, employees and their families function at their best.

The purpose of EAP (Employee Assistance Programs) is to help organizations support employees to remain in or return to the workplace and to perform effectively. Our services can help you as an employer develop and maintain healthy workplaces for your employees. The EAP provides tools and strategies to engage in early intervention and education awareness.

Our EAP services provides your employees and their eligible family members with access to professional and confidential counselling services. These services can help them manage personal, family or work-related concerns and to become more resilient.

Our EAP services can help employees with:

  • building stronger family & personal relationships
  • managing personal and job stress
  • addressing depression or anxiety
  • coping with separation and loss
  • balancing work & family
  • responding to personal crisis
  • resolving conflict
  • identifying problem drug & alcohol use
  • recovering from trauma, harassment or abuse
  • adjusting to life or job transitions

Organizations interested in setting up EAP services for their employees or looking for more information are asked to contact our EAP Coordinator